Climate Action Plan


Climate action plan for tidal flooding would be created with the support and participation of the DA and the LSGs. Initial meetings and discussions towards co-creation of mitigation plans and a road map are on. The steps identified to achieve this are as follows:

  • The State Disaster Management Authority should include tidal flooding in the state list of disasters
  • Set up district level administrate mechanisms for preparedness, relief and mitigation of tidal flooding
  • Prepare a register of tidal flood affected houses and infrastructures at ward level with people’s participation.
  • Prepare a register of people who have temporarily/ permanently migrated abandoning their houses. 
  • Set up tidal flood monitoring and warning systems with people’s participation
  • Demarcate the present tidal flood extent, intensity and frequency and declare tidal flood areas in each of the coastal Local Self Government bodies (LSGs).
  • Assess the changes in tidal flooding during the last decade and project future affected areas under multiple scenarios (sea level rise, tidal changes, changes to local hydro-morphology etc.)
  • Conduct a baseline assessment and document the impact of floods on the lives and livelihoods of coastal areas with people’s participation
  • Prepare detailed local disaster mitigation/ risk reduction plans for tidal floods in the coastal LSGs with people’s participation