We equip communities (including LSGs), institutions and industries in collaboration with educational institutions through

  • Support and equip industries/institutions to deal with increasing threats of climate change related disasters and to address climate change through innovative ideas to reduce carbon foot print through improving energy efficiency
  • Taking up activities to reduce the climate change related risks
  • Technical support for adapting  to a changing climate and uncertainties  (preparedness, strategies to risk reduction, adaptions)
  • Conducting training to address various aspects of climate change  among multiple stakeholders.

We also help farmer’s societies/ groups

  • Provide technical support to prepare proposals for renovation and restoration of existing irrigation facilities to improve water efficiency and availability
  • Provide tools and climate information to adapt to a changing climate  and related risks
  • Create online repository on information, knowledge, technology and practices across the globe to adapt to climate change in agriculture
  • Conduct climate change impact assessments and adaptation strategies in the farming sector at local level in association with educational  institutions